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    Exclusive First Poster: “SHARKTOPUS VS. WHALEWOLF”

    Two days ago, FANGORIA premiered the exclusive first look at Syfy’s SHARKTOPUS VS. WHALEWOLF, the third film so far in Syfy’s Roger Corman-produced franchise. Now, FANGORIA is proud to present the first official poster (designed by LA-based artist Michael Hritz) from the wild, weird monster bash, which you can see in all of its glory […]

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    Programmer Dennis Bartok talks LA’s World 3-D Film Expo

    Historically speaking, horror films and the third dimension have complemented each other akin to the way popcorn has complemented the theatrical experience. During the golden age of horror, 3D was used to scare audiences young and old by bringing their fears off the screen, eliciting a reaction that incorporates beyond strictly the sense of sight, […]

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  • First Trailer: Interactive Horror App, “VOYEUR”

    VOYEUR heralds what could be a provocative new piece of mobile entertainment. The upcoming interactive horror app/game/series poses a dilemma, giving users the option to indulge darker impulses, or our natural instinct to verbally warn characters onscreen. In anticipatory press stills, the app/film looked grungy and brutal, but—whether pulpy or no—its true ickiness seems to […]

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