• Jeffrey Combs talks “WOULD YOU RATHER”

    by: Vivienne Vaughn on: 2013-02-07 15:23:53 Cult-movie maven Jeffrey Combs enters genre territory once more in David Guy Levy’s psychological horror-thriller, WOULD YOU RATHER. Opening in select theaters and available on-demand tomorrow from IFC films, and screening for free in New York tonight (see details here), the film casts Combs as Shepard Lambrick, a calculating, […]

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  • $2$s

    New York! “BLUE RUIN” screens tonight with Filmmaker Q&A!

    Jeremy Saulnier’s long-awaited follow-up to MURDER PARTY, BLUE RUIN, is a straightforward and emotionally and viscerally impacting little revenge picture that’s on its way to being one of the most acclaimed films of the season. Now out in limited release, BLUE RUIN has enjoyed a weekend of special event screenings at Brooklyn’s Nitehawk Cinema where […]

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