R.I.P. WES CRAVEN (1939-2015)

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    New “OCULUS” Poster Goes Through the Looking Glass

    Allow me to express this sentiment again: Mike Flanagan’s OCULUS is a very highly anticipated horror film here. Having delivered the terrific, eerie ABSENTIA, and coupled with stunning festival word (including from Fango’s own Chris Alexander), it seems Flanagan has something special on his hands and each new piece of art ratchets up anticipation. A […]

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    “DARK TOUCH” (Tribeca Movie Review)

    In DARK TOUCH, European director and provocateur Marina de Van transfers her now recurring theme of identity crisis and unsure footing from grown women to a young girl still in pre-pubescence. It’s this pre-pubescence that’s taken terrifying advantage of; the repercussions of which manifest themselves in a fury of psychic power and telekinesis. Of course, […]

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    “VAMPIRE ACADEMY” (Movie Review)

    VAMPIRE ACADEMY didn’t screen for critics, and seeing it for review purposes risked the awkwardness of being the only adult male in a theater full of teenage girls. As it happened, the show I attended was nearly deserted, which posed another kind of disadvantage: Perhaps a young fan of the source novel could have explained […]

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