R.I.P. WES CRAVEN (1939-2015)


    You may have heard that a massive box set, which will house every single film in the HALLOWEEN series, is coming. A teamup between Scream Factory and Anchor Bay, HALLOWEEN: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION has fans fired up, with the amount of objectively bad entries in no weigh outweighing the collectors’ dream of it all. Though all […]

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    From the FANGORIA Vault: “PET SEMATARY”

    Searching through the FANGORIA archives is a lot like graverobbing: always full of gruesome surprises. Occasionally, we’ll uncover something a little bit special. Something that offers truly eye-popping looks from the world of SFX past. Today is no exception, as we present some rare shots from behind the scenes of PET SEMATARY!

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    “BLOOD GLACIER” (Movie Review)

    You’d have to search far and wide for a genre filmmaker not influenced by John Carpenter, and more specifically THE THING. The legendary filmmaker’s arctic account of an assimilating, parasitic lifeform is a masterpiece of paranoia and puppetry, deftly blending looming atmosphere and existential angst with holy shit creature FX. Post-THE THING, the ensuing struggle […]

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