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    All the audiences can now love “MANDY LANE”

    As the Weinstein Company’s newly formed VOD label Radius gets past shelved releases out there, they’ve officially reached one of the most highly sought after, and depressingly held hostage American horrors in recent memory. Jonathan Levine’s Amber Heard-starring ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE will finally see the light of day.

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    “COOTIES” (Sundance Movie Review)

    COOTIES may very well have one of the great opening title sequences. An exhaustive, repulsive and painfully up close document of the process that makes a chicken a chicken nugget, its nature may also very well prime the viewer for something COOTIES doesn’t seem too interested in being outside of the introduction: subversive and gross. […]

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  • Get a Load of the Freakish New “AMERICAN HORROR STORY” Titles

    It’s an annual event, unveiling the new set of opening titles for each season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY. Linked only by the same, harsh sonic dread and a proclivity to throw out unnerving images thematically and aesthetically tied to the respective season’s setting, the titles are always fantastic and sometimes better than a given episode itself. Here then, […]

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