“OUIJA” (Movie Review)

  • The Devil lifts us up; New “LAST EXORCISM PART II” Poster

    by: Samuel Zimmerman on: 2013-02-04 15:47:04 Backbends are passé. Nell and Abalam have moved on to religious iconography.  Directed by SMALL TOWN MURDER SONGS’ Ed Gass-Donnelly, THE LAST EXORCISM PART II continues the plight of poor Nell Sweetzer. Following the black mass birth at the end of the first film, (as per official synopsis) she […]

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  • $2$s

    “THE DAMNED” (Movie Review)

    Why would an inn located in the deepest, remote wilds of Colombia have the very American-Southwest name of Gallows Hill? Perhaps that concern led GALLOWS HILL to be retitled THE DAMNED, or maybe that generic new moniker was chosen to reflect the familiarity of the movie itself, a smattering of creatively creepy moments notwithstanding.

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  • $2$s

    Exclusive Trailer, Pics: “AVALANCHE SHARKS”

    Riding the social media wave generated by last summer’s surprise success SHARKNADO comes AVALANCHE SHARKS (a.k.a. SHARKALANCHE)! Fango just reeled in an exclusive trailer to the upcoming Syfy-style fishy saga, directed by TRANSMORPHERS Scott Wheeler and written by MALIBU SHARK ATTACK’s Keith Shaw. Starring FEAR CLINIC’s Kate Nauta, AVALANCHE SHARKS is reportedly more of a […]

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