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    Remembering Patty Shepard (1945-2013)

    by: Stephan Segantini on: 2013-01-16 03:04:01 Fans of European horror have long been mesmerized by a pair of stunning, shining eyes which could simultaneously transmit mystery, seduction and a strength that were capable of charming anyone…even a werewolf. Last week we lost  those eyes, those that belonged to Patty Shepard, star of such films as […]

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    [Comic Con ’14] “HANNIBAL” Panel Rundown

    With all the big screen horror invading San Diego Comic Con this weekend, one might overlook some of the creepier small screen entries that have already made waves at the con. Of course, one of the strongest TV horrors, HANNIBAL, made its presence known at San Diego this year, with showrunner Bryan Fuller reassuring fans […]

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    “MIMESIS”: Night of Living the Dead

    George A. Romero’s NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD has been remade, officially or unofficially, countless times, almost always with disappointing—if not disastrous—results. But Douglas Schulze’s MIMESIS (on DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow from Anchor Bay) adapts that classic in original and intriguing ways. FANGORIA spoke to the Michigan-based director about his horror homage.

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