The Year in Horror, 2014: Ken’s Top 10 Films

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    Help Save Linnea Quigley’s House!

    FANGORIA has had a long, happy relationship with actress and horror movie legend Linnea Quigley. To know her is to love her. Her spirit. Her talent. Her kindness. Her love of animals and her all around warm, friendly aura.  She’s beautiful, vivacious, and audacious and she works harder than almost anyone we know. When FANGORIA found […]

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  • Your “ABCs OF DEATH”: Jorge Michel Grau and his “I”

    by: Samuel Zimmerman on: 2013-02-04 19:10:33  “…you’re bringing our #deathparty down,” producer Tim League good naturedly jabbed at WE ARE WHAT WE ARE director Jorge Michel Grau as THE ABCs OF DEATH hit VOD on January 31. A mass viewing party on Twitter unfurled to celebrate the anthology in all its unapologetic, brash, bloody glory. […]

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