• First Trailer: WWE Revamps “LEPRECHAUN”

    Bypassing theatrical release, and hitting VOD and DVD this August is WWE’s curious “reboot” of LEPRECHAUN, starring Dylan “Hornswoggle” Postl in the title role. Of course, last year’s CURSE OF CHUCKY had a similar release pattern and, like LEPRECHAUN: ORIGINS, with its more serious intent, hit the spot for many fans and admirers of that […]

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    Legendary’s “DEAD RISING” To Debut in March

    While good adaptations of video game properties are more rare than a blizzard in Las Vegas, that doesn’t stop fans from approaching every attempt with cautious optimism. Case-in-point: Zach Lipovsky’s upcoming feature-length DEAD RISING adaptation, entitled DEAD RISING: WATCHTOWER, which will debut on Crackle from Legendary Productions. And now, fans will know when to catch the […]

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    Toys of Terror #16

    Welcome to TOYS OF TERROR, Fango’s weekly feature exhibiting the coolest horror accessories across the web. Whether you’re a collector, connoisseur or simply making your love of horror a family affair, these petrifying playthings are likely to impress even the most heartless horror fan. So if you’re searching for a ghoulish gift, look no further…

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