• Filmmakers to Release Indie Horror “LYLE” Free; First Trailer

    Written and directed by Stewart Thorndike and starring acclaimed actress Gaby Hoffmann (OBVIOUS CHILD, CRYSTAL FAIRY), LYLE is a contemporary indie ode to ROSEMARY’S BABY and the first in a series of female-focused horror from the filmmaker. In anticipation of the proposed cycle of fright features and the upcoming Kickstarter for the next, Thorndike has […]

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  • Charles Band uncovers original Wizard Video VHS Packaging, To sell

    by: Samuel Zimmerman on: 2013-02-07 18:11:33 As his appearance in the SXSW documentary on the VHS phenomenon (REWIND THIS!) draws near, Full Moon Pictures’ Charles Band has gone clamshell crazy, unearthing a warehouse worth of original Wizard Video oversized VHS packaging for cult and obscure horror flicks. Beginning next week is a nine-month sale of […]

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  • $2$s

    “IN FEAR” (Sundance Movie Review)

    UK director Jeremy Lovering’s feature debut was developed and filmed unconventionally. He kept much of the story—its twists and turns and frights and games— from his two leads, only revealing the entirety to Allen Leech; he who plays the one playing tricks. While the average moviegoer rarely needs such back story, viewing the film with […]

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