• “SALEM: Season 2, Episode 12” (TV Review)

    For the past 11 episodes of SALEM’s second season, one of the most refreshing aspects about the show is their willingness to go exactly where most television would not. Whether it’s in terms of content- such as castration, cannibalism and SFX-heavy death scenes- or if its in terms of the story, such as the various […]

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    “AHS: COVEN” aims to educate with Voodoo featurette

    As with the anticipation of AMERICAN HORROR STORY’s second season ASYLUM, COVEN has been preceded by a deluge of atmospheric, aesthetically-thrilling teasers that have culminated in a main titles sequence packed with the sort of black magick eeriness witches and their rituals evoke in our minds. This year, however, the main subjects of AMERICAN HORROR […]

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    Win “TORMENT” on DVD!

    Katharine Isabelle and a killer in fuzzy mouse ears? We’re so there! Vertical Media just sent a handful of copies of TORMENT. This taut terror-filled flick debuted last year at Screamfest and has been getting great reviews since. It is now available on DVD and instant streaming. Mickey Mouse definitely did not approve this one!

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