“NO GOOD DEED” (Movie Review)

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    Trailer: “WOLFCOP” Leaps Into Action!

    Earlier this month, FANGORIA offered up some exclusive pictures from Lowell Dean’s insane horror-comedy WOLFCOP, which combines Emerson Ziffle’s old-fashioned special effects with a neon-soaked retro grindhouse atmosphere.However, now there’s an official trailer for WOLFCOP, which debuts in select theaters on June 6th from Cinecoup!

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    “THE PURGE” Sequel Gets Dated

    Are you ready to spend another night in THE PURGE? Well, get out your calendars: Universal Pictures has announced the next chapter of THE PURGE will hit theaters in a mere eight months on June 20th, 2014. Produced by Jasom Blum via Blumhouse Productions, THE PURGE 2 (originally titled THE ZONE) will once again be […]

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