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    Contest: Win “BASTERDS” and “MORDRID” From Full Moon

    FANGORIA has five copies of the new Blu-ray re-release of the classic Jeffrey Combs/Full Moon Features fantasy B-flick DOCTOR MORDRID to give away. The film stars Combs (RE-ANIMATOR, FROM BEYOND) as a Doctor Strange-esque immortal wizard, a master of the black arts who must save the world from utmost evil. Featuring wild David Allen stop-motion […]

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  • Rest in Peace, FANGORIA’s Dee Erwine

    Dee Erwine was vivacious. For decades, she had been one of the familiar faces at FANGORIA and it is with immense sadness that I write after a battle with cancer, our long-time Subscription Manager, Dee Erwine, has passed away in her sleep.

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    Kevin Smith teases “TUSK” terror

    Fans of RED STATE, director Kevin Smith’s first venture into horror, were elated earlier this year when Smith announced he was going to take on another genre film, TUSK. With filming set to finish on Friday, Smith has unveiled the first look at its titular walrus-human hybrid.

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  • Movie Monsters of “GOOSEBUMPS” Revealed

    Next summer, the creepy creations of R.L. Stine are set to step off the page and onto the big screen in the Rob Letterman-helmed, Jack Black-starring adaptation, GOOSEBUMPS. In the film, Black plays a fictional Stine, who must team with a pair of kids to wrangle a group of creatures who’ve escaped into the world. In […]

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