• Patrick Scott, cases of “ZOOCHOSIS”

    by: Samuel Zimmerman on: 2013-02-04 18:05:42 Whether viral videos play a part in the resurgence of the anthology, or not is debatable (but intensely likely), but the varied, all-encompassing subgenre is certainly tailored-fit for web series—a place where the alternative often thrives. Patrick Scott, creator of ZOOCHOSIS is dealing in such. Shining a light on […]

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  • $2$s

    “OCULUS” (TIFF Movie Review)

    Mike Flanagan’s debut picture ABSENTIA was something truly special: a quiet, slow burning indie horror film that betrayed its budgetary cramps at every turn and used an existing location—in this case, a creepy suburban tunnel—and made it into something nightmarish. Slow zooms, quiet spaces, ambiguity and minimalist music all coupled with better than average performances […]

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