R.I.P. WES CRAVEN (1939-2015)

  • From the FANGORIA Vault: “THINNER”

    Oh Fango fans, as the heat rises in this mausoleum that we call the FANGORIA vault, one naturally forgets that this entry comes in the shadow of Cinco de Mayo. Less than a week away, we’ve started stocking up on blood for some macabre margaritas and we’re breaking out our most demented dancing digs. However, […]

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  • $2$s

    “DOCTOR MABUSE” (Movie Review)

    FANGORIA #322 featured my interview with Ansel Faraj, the young writer/director of the new thriller/noir film DOCTOR MABUSE. The no-budgeter, literally shot in the filmmaker’s backyard, attracted a good deal of attention due to the  casting of three major players from the classic horror-themed soap opera DARK SHADOWS.

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  • ,,

    “BACKCOUNTRY” (TIFF Movie Review)

    Canada is a land rich in unspoiled nature. With dense forests and breathtaking cinematic locations from coast to coast, you’ll find many a US western, period piece or summer camp flick shot up here, wherein the producers dupe viewers into thinking you’re watching anything but a Canadian film.

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