“ASMODEXIA” (Movie Review)


Q&A: Justin Long on Kevin Smith’s “TUSK”

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    “THE GUEST” (TIFF Movie Review)

    Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett’s THE GUEST qualifies as horror for lack of any other easy genre classification (well, aside from a delightfully cheeky Halloween themed climax). The duo have delivered a project that mixes their trademark dark humor and hyper cineliteracy with elements of 80s horror, thrillers, and action flicks, topped off with a […]

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    “SCANNERS” to get the Criterion treatment this July!

    For horror fans, the wave of genre titles joining the Criterion Collection is always cause for excitement. As the art house crowd has never been particularly fond of “horror”, these additions by an esteemed institution always signal a legitimate recognition of the technically proficient and imaginatively rich genre. However, Criterion just announced a whopper of […]

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