• Win some sweet home Horror Décor

    by: FANGORIA Staff on: 2013-02-05 12:39:55 How does the true horror fanatic decorate a room? With movie posters and figurines of course, but then what? You can find plenty of comic book or cartoon character bed sets and decorations but the horror fan is always stuck with black. Not anymore! The goal at Horror Décor is to […]

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  • Patrick Scott, cases of “ZOOCHOSIS”

    by: Samuel Zimmerman on: 2013-02-04 18:05:42 Whether viral videos play a part in the resurgence of the anthology, or not is debatable (but intensely likely), but the varied, all-encompassing subgenre is certainly tailored-fit for web series—a place where the alternative often thrives. Patrick Scott, creator of ZOOCHOSIS is dealing in such. Shining a light on […]

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  • $2$s

    EXCL Comments: Voltaire Talks This Weekend’s Wicked NecroComic-Con

    New Jersey is quite the home for horror conventions, with high profile East Coast gatherings such as Chiller Theater, Bizarre AC and Monster-Mania already in residence in the Garden State. However, a new breed of convention aimed at those who prefer a more underground horror experience, moves in this weekend. Voltaire’s Wicked NecroComicon, takes place […]

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